How to Save Bandwidth on Android

You know that Android is a leading mobile operating system which is powered by Google. I like it very much except the memory that it wastes while you browse sites through various browsers. Really it is a huge problem when you have a limited data connection. I don’t know what happens with others but I would warn you not to use your data connection without considering various apps. Otherwise you will lose a lot of money due to your lovable installed applications. I have suffered it previously. Everyone likes Android for their apps. But only a few people know about the devil behind those apps.

How to save bandwidth on Android?

After considering diverse issues with Android, here are some explanations those may assist you a lot in every steps.

Use Data Limit:

No matter what kind of internet connection you are using but you ought to use this great feature which is an in-built thing in your phone. You can limit your data connection if you are not so care of about the data limitations. It will alert you after reaching the maximum limit that you set before.

Disable Auto Update:

Save Bandwidth on Android

Whenever you install an app right from Google Play, it offers an option that let you deactivate auto-update for that specific app. But now most of the people are missing that since it is available in Android 2.3+ only. You have this feature though in advanced versions of 2.3 but you have to activate or deactivate it in bulk since it has only one option. But still it is very helpful.

Use A Text Only browser:

By default, every normal browser opens both image and text which obliges a lot of data. But you can make use of a text only browser to open only texts. [Download Link]

Use Opera Mini:

Even though a text only browser saves a lot of memory but sometime we want text along with images. At this moment, you can use Opera Mini which is the fastest web browser for mobile. Anyone doesn’t need any expert knowledge to use it rightly.

Don’t use Google Chrome or Firefox:

Both browsers are really helpful in some cases. But they need higher data than Opera Mini or UC Browser. On other end, they load very slow which might give a bad experience while browsing.

Enable Data Compression:

Though I recommend you not to use Firefox or Google Chrome but if you really need something through them, you can use Chrome Beta which has a beautiful feature, Data Compression. You can save up to 40% memory via this browser. <How to Enable Data Compression in Chrome Beta>

There might have also so many ways to save bandwidth on Android but these points are the main. I am sure that these tips will help you very much. If you really find anything important/useful except these, do share with us.

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