How to Create Temporary Email ID to Share it Online

A lot of forums require your email ID to give you an account but how do you believe on them? Although some reputed forums are using various social networking site accounts for signing up but you can also try this trick that let you determine if someone is scamming or not. Generally, we use our personal email ID for signing up; hence we lose them by getting hacked. You can use your private email ID on branded forums but I would applaud you to use provisional email ID that could be grabbed by you from different providers. After safely signing in, you can change your email ID.

But this is very problematic to get such a provider which helps you to create temporary email ID to share it online. But today I will solve your problem by introducing Air Mail. Air Mail is such a great temporary email ID provider which protects your online privacy very carefully. Creating an email ID through Air Mail is not yet so difficult. In fact this is simpler than said.

How to create temporary email ID using Air Mail?

This is however very easy. Just go to here and click on Get Temporary Email.

It takes 1/2 seconds to create one ID for you. After that anyone can send email to your Email ID. On other end, if you don’t like your current email ID, you can change that by pressing Change Email Address button.

Create Temporary Email ID


You cannot send email from this temporary ID. You can only get emails. Your current ID is valid till next 24 hours.

That’ it! Hope this will be helpful for you.

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