How to reduce Bounce Rate

Do you know what does bounce rate mean in Google Analytics? When I started blogging, I really didn’t know what this is. But before a couple of months, I came to know the real meaning of this rate. When I check my blog’s bounce rate, it shows 67-70%. After a few minutes of that time, I also came to know what the problem this is that was happening with my blog. Now, my bounce rate is 0.25-0.70% per day. If you are facing the same problem then don’t worry and just take a glance on this following tips which has recovered by blog in a few days.

How to reduce bounce rate?

Reduce Page Loading Time

I have already told a few tips to know how to reduce the page loading time. This is a real fact that if someone sees that your blog takes a long time to load, I am sure that he/she will must not visit to your blog or will leave your blog after visiting only one page. Here is a detailed guide to reduce page loading time of your blog.

Write Only Unique Article

Unique articles always attract everyone. Every article will be more attractive if you add a visual effect. Is this a common fact that everyone says about unique article but most of them cannot do so because they don’t know what is the meaning of unique content.

Write Informative Article

Don’t leave an article with insufficient information or with no information. You must have to write an ideal article which can understand every people. But you should care of your readers so that they will not be bored by reading your special informative articles.


Interlinking is a huge fact of reducing the bounce rate. You must have to add a related posts plugin or  interlink your old posts with new one manually. This technique will also help you to increase page views within few couple of days.


Always try to reduce your number of advertisements in your blog. Don’t waste your time by embedding only advertisements. Try to write some eye-caching articles.

I think this little bit of knowledge will help your very much. Happy Blogging.

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