LastPass – The Best Password Manager for Every OS

You should use a strong password – that is not a new line. Nevertheless, this is a common fact that you forget most of the passwords after using a lot of strong passwords at various web accounts. After that you will have to reset all passwords after one by one. It might take a lot of times when sometime you can do so with some secure accounts.

At such like a situation when you always forget passwords, you can easily take the help of LastPass which is known as the best password manager. You can synchronize your passwords across multiple computers, phones and ever browsers since it is available for every operating system and almost every browser.

Key features of LastPass:

Add Site:

Best Password Manager

The Add Site is such a place inside Lastpass Vault that let you fill up a form with your personal site information like site name, username, password, etc. you can also choose Auto Login/AutoFill etc.

Secure Note:

Secure note does what it says. I mean, you can write down your personal details at here. You can also separate your notes in different groups.


You know that this feature, import/export, is a great one for any kind of web account, which could migrate your entire account to a new a/c. the same feature is also here at LastPass Vault. You can get it from Settings arena.

Include/Exclude domain:

Suppose, you don’t want to save passwords for your site and one other end; the LastPass bar will be appeared on each login. You can just exclude your domain or any domain by navigating Settings >> Never URLs.

Introducing LastPass as the best password manager:

Make use of this password manager is pretty easy, but you should know everything before using. Otherwise, you might lose your privacy. Just create a free account to get started. After signing in, you can find six tabs in your left pane. At first go to Security Check and check your security status. If you are getting an average or low grade, try to make it more secure because this is your primary security where you are going to enter your personal details.
After that, start creating site or notes. The good thing is that you don’t have to do that after one by one since it will automatically capture all your usernames and passwords on which you will install this software.

Best Password Manager

How it will capture all login details?

This is very easy to understand. Suppose, you had saved your Facebook login details in your browser, and now you have installed LastPass on your browser. In this way, LastPass has come across to your password and username.

If you don’t like to be captured, you can just remove those account details.

Best Password Manager

You know that now a days, password cracking is not a difficult task for a high end programmer. However, if you use this best password manager, LastPass, you can create OTP (One-Time Password) to use them on various sites. To create an One Time password, navigate to the LastPass logo (at top right) and One Time Passwords respectively.

Best Password Manager

That’s it! It also has so many great features, but you cannot understand them without having a look at there. So, go to LastPass website and start using.

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