Best Free Windows Text Editor for Developers and Programmers

In the era of web development and web design a good text editor is always very useful for programmers. Now-a-days many web developers are doing their development procedure in Integrated development Environment (IDE), and still some trusty and utility text editor is always somehow needed for most complicated web application development in a simplified fashion – to add some extra code in CSS file, messing around a javascript and create a php and html file for forming a beautiful archive page.

Good text editors are handy for developers even to write a C program or creating a java application. A programmer or a developer can write his own project work either in a notepad or in any simple windows text editor. But those editors can’t provide any special options which a script writer want e.g. code folding, split into lines, snippet, automatic colourize of texts etc.

Here in this article I am going to tell best three free and open source windows text editors those are essential for any developers and programmers. Sublime Text, Notepad++ and Bluefish are always best to them.

List of Top Free Windows Open Source Text Editor for Developers

1. Sublime Text – The name behind Development

Sublime Text is one of my favourite text editor – is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The interface of this offline text editor is awesome. It’s latest version is Sublime Text 2 which is a cross-platformed and user friendly text editor. User interface of sublime text is smooth and fast as most of the cross platform apps are heavy and outdated. The Syntax view option is very much helpful for web development or any script writing purposes. It let you highlight different file type or programming language in a different colourful style.

The plain text shows white texts on blackish background where as the above picture describes how sublime text editor help you to highlight programming languages.

Pressing Ctrl+Shift+P on Sublime Text you can open up the command palette. Command Palette is a list of most useful options for developers that can be controlled with a single keystroke.

Split Editing feature of sublime text help you open files side by side on a same window. However you can open multiple windows and split each window in several tabs.

From View optin of Sublime Text Editor, you can open it in a full screen mode or destruction free mode. In a word it is a very nice text editor with useful features and functionality for developers.

2. Notepad++ – Widely Popular Utility for Any Kind of Script Editing

notepad++ best text editor for programmers

Notepad++ is brilliantly a alternative of notepad. It supports almost every major programming languages and is available for Windows, Linux and it is yet not officially available for Mac Users. Notepad++ uses GPL license and Scintilla which is a free source code editing component For GTK+, Win32 and OsX.

When a web developer works with Notepad++, it automatically saves data and thus saves time, power consumption and the world in a broader view.

Probably Notepad++ has no alternative as far as source code editing is concerned for Windows. Like above mentioned sublime text editor, it has the same ability to highlight syntax. Notepad++ uses a brilliant search feature which is called Regex Search or regular expression search and replace.

Auto completion is another very useful notepad feature that uses a artificial intelligence to predict and complete a word written within the text. Zoom and Drag & Drop options of Notepadd++ are also very unique in free text editor for developers and computer programmers.

‘Set Read Only’ feature is an impressive feature for Notepad++ which let you prevent any type of additional or accidental editing. Notepad++ also help a web developer to run the script with in browser virtually in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE etc direct from notepad++ edit environment.

In a word it is widely used and best free text editors for programmers and web developers.

Bluefish – Powerful Text Editor for Web Developers and Designers

bluefish free text editor for developers

Bluefish is a kind of very powerful text editor which basically is used by experienced web developers for editing interactive and dynamic web sites. Bluefish supports many programming languages like html, css, apache, Sql, Php etc. It is an open source development project under GNU GPL license and is a multi-platform supported software. Bluefish is available for Windows, Linux and Mac Os.

Bluefish is mainly a linux based application and has lots of features and options inside it. As a web developer if you use bluefish text editor on Windows and Mac Os environment, you might not get every features. So it is best to stick with Linux while using bluefish to get maximum utility.

Bluefish is not only a ligh-weight Windows GUI text editor for developers, it starts very fast and opens hundreds of files instantly. It is a multi project editor as you handle different kind of projects each time with their own settings. Bluefish gives multi threaded support with FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS etc.

Bluefish supports different customizable programming languages with C, C++, HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT like language definition files. Site Upload/download and full screen editing is another important feature of Bluefish. Unlimited undo/redo facility with Regex search functionality make Bluefish text editor favourite for computer programmers.

Blue fish is one of the dearest text editing tool among the web developers. It can open files (using a rule or procedure that can be applied repeatedly) based on the pattern of file name or file content. It can be handled for advanced text processing purposes and error detection purposes by integrating external programs or scripts.

Best Script Editor for Computer Programmers – Final Words

I have just discussed about three text editor favourite to web developers and programmers. However there are so many text editor like jEdit, sciTE, Editplus, gedit, E-text editor, Dreamweber, Vim, Comodo edit like text editor which can be used by the developers to handle any projects. But considering every aspect Bluefish, Sublime text editor and Notepad++ are best & free windows, linux and Mac text editor for your PC. In fact I will not cover any premium text editor here which covers the same features. In Premium text editor for developers like Edit Plus and Ultraedit, you would not find some important features which is truly available in Notepad++, Bluefish and of course in Sublime text 2.

We are not focusing on any command line text editor here. All the above explained text editors are free for users and developers for design and development. All the text editors can be used to edit plain text also. So common users for advanced purpose editing can make a use of those text editors. Now it is your choice to choose the best text editor for developers in free from various open source platform.

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