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Though this is a one man team, this is impossible to check the whole blog every day. But here is some terms of use of this site’s contents.

Content Validity:-

Generally I always try to publish most recent tricks on my topics. But technology is growing up day by day. Everyday new update comes for every older tricks. So, every trick of my blog may not be worked perfectly after a particular days.

Content Originality:-

I always publish only real and working tricks. I think there is no “Not Working”trick in this blog.

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This blog always use their own media files. Every media files are created by sincere masters.

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This blog does not redirect you to any suspicious link. You can click on any outbound link without thinking twice.


We always mention the exact platform of applying our tricks. If you face any problem after using them to any other platforms, you cannot liable us.

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Though you must have to enter your email id when you want to comment on any content, we will not publish your Email id. Please do not enter any suspicious link as a comment. Your comment may not be publish if we find anything wrong.