• What is Versed Tech?

Versed Tech is your personal technology blog that covers with Android App reviews (Gingerbread and later)Windows (Mainly Windows 7 & 8) tips, Software reviews (Windows), Web Apps, Search Engine (mainly Google), WordPress coding and Plug-in guidelines and reviews and almost every kind of modern technology news.

  • What is the purpose of Versed Tech?

As Versed Tech is covered by the above mentioned topics, you could be more advance with the help of daily published life hacks on Versed Tech.

  • What does “Versed Tech” mean in simple English?

Actually, when did I choose the name “Versed Tech”, then I was not so friendly with English (Though still now I cannot speak or write in English randomly.) and I used to follow my pocket dictionary (Mainly Bengali to English) to pick out a tricky word that could be replaced with a simple and frequently used word. Meanwhile, I got the word “Versed” which means “Skilled” and I put that word before “Tech” and my domain name came out which is known as “VersedTech.Org”.

  • When did Versed Tech come live?

Though it’s a time spender story, here is a summery of that. Actually, VersedTech.Org was found on 26th August 2012 on BlogSpot as VersedTech.BlogSpot.In. on 13th September 2012, it got a domain (VersedTech.Org). That time it took almost 3 days to set up that domain for Google Blogger and on 16th September 2012, it started its journey.

  • Which platform is used by this blog now?

Though it came live via Google Blogger, since 4th December 2012, it has been being developed on self-hosted WordPress platform to get a prefix called “Professional”.

  • Which hosting and domain provider are behind Versed Tech?

Currently VersedTech.Org is using a hosting from Hostgator InMotion Hosting and the domain is managed by Bigrock (Indian Version).

  • By the Way, who is the admin of this blog?

I think, this is not yet so late to be introduced myself. I am Pulkit Juneja and I am the admin on this blog.

  • What technical skill you have which helps you to solve a problem of your blog?

Honestly, I am not an expert in any kind of technical skill. Even, I don’t know any language to program a plug-in or theme or anything else. But still I can customize my Elemin theme via CSS, HTML and PHP (I don’t know how). And moreover, I haven’t faced any problem in my blog since the first day. But you know that some small problems do not bore themselves. So, to deal with them, I just google for getting corresponding solution. That’s all!

  • Who is the writer of VersedTech.Org?

Though Pulkit Juneja is the only daily writer of his blog, there are also tons of guest bloggers and app developers who help him in every moment.

  • I am an app developer aka software maker. Would you like to be a reviewer of my app?

You are most welcome. We are always ready to review your app if we think that your app could solve a daily problem of our readers. Contact us to get closer with us.

  • Can I Use Your Contents On My Blog?

The answer is NO. If we find any of our contents on any other blogs without giving any credit, we will take further steps. For more information, read our Copyright Terms and Conditions.

  • Do You Like Guest Blogging On Your Site?

We like guest posts but now we are not accepting guest posts on this blog.

  • Where from you get all your visitor details?

We are using Google Analytics and AwStats to get every kind of details of our visitors. Read it, to get more info.

  • A trick is not working on my end. What does it mean?

Though we work hard to get most info to our reader but there might have some tactics those will not work for a long days or on every platforms. It will be better to read our Disclaimer Page.

  • How Do I Subscribe Versed Tech?

There are several simple methods. You can subscribe my Free News Letter. If you want to be our fan od different social networking websites, you can go to our Join Us page.
Hope, this little info may be helpful to come to know more about VersedTech.Org and Pulkit Juneja.