How Digital Signs Can Be Used For Wayfinding?

What is wayfinding? Wayfinding is a basic challenge that humans face. It involves navigating from one place to another using visual clues such as maps, signs and graphics. It’s basically spatial problem solving. We all need to navigate to different places on a daily basis, so wayfinding is a challenge that we all face. We […] Continue reading →

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer?

The Apple iPhone is one of the most common and the most efficient communication devices of today’s generation. Apart from its great operating system, great application, amazing built and blazing fast hardware, the camera performance is something that sets the iPhone apart from the competitors. Even though the camera on the iPhone may sound too […] Continue reading →

Mobile VS Desktop: Only One Can Survive!!

If we look back at the early 2000’s, it was a very common sight to see a person using the neck straining, cumbersome and a larger than pocket size computer. At that point of time, it still made sense to use those big PC’s but now people are inclining towards smartphones that offer almost all […] Continue reading →

Expanding payment options at the checkout

Retail is no longer principally notes and loose change. With the growth of the internet, the possibilities to buy and sell practically anything have slowly evolved before our eyes. Simultaneously, the development of new and unique payment opportunities has changed dramatically in recent years. Just like businesses, consumers want to be on the cutting-edge of […] Continue reading →

Google’s New Smart Contact Lenses

When Motorola employee Martin Cooper stood in midtown Manhattan and made the first ever mobile phone call to the Bell Labs research and development facility in New Jersey in 1973, the idea of making a wireless phone call was wonderfully abstract and fantastical. However just 42 years on, not only do over 90% of American […] Continue reading →

Apple Boosts the Smartwatch Market

It appears the time of the smartwatches has now come upon us. While multiple companies – among them industry giants like Samsung – have been throwing a number of differing devices on the market, again it took an Apple innovation to make the trend alluring to the masses. Deliveries have been pushed back by months […] Continue reading →

7 Must have Gadgets for Women

Most women do not have an interest in gadgets but with the introduction of many super cool gadgets, they are bound to fall in love with them! 7 Must have Gadgets for Women: GPS fitness tracker: It comes styled as a wrist band with a small MP3 player fitted into it. It lets you track […] Continue reading →