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Vivo V3 Max Smartphone Review

Vivo is one of the leading Android Smartphone manufacturer in India, and the Vivo V3 Max is the latest addition from the brand to their growing fleet of Android powered Smartphones. The Vivo V3 Max is quite powerful and eye catching. But does the price tag of Rs. 23,980 justify what you actually get from […] Continue reading →

HTC One X9 Dual SIM In-Depth Review

The smartphone industry is not one where secrets are well kept. HTC is a very good example of it. Long before the device’s release date, we get to see a glimpse or sometimes more than that of the device. We say so because a device that was talked and rumored about a lot, the HTC […] Continue reading →

Smartron to launch on 19th May at Hyderabad

Smartron after launching its  first Windows 10 2-in-1 t-book now company will launch its first smartphone which is Smartron launching in India on May 19th at a place in hyderabad.   The company claims that it is the world’s lightest 5.5-inch smartphone. to feature  a 5.5-inch 1080p display, powered by Snapdragon 810 SoC with […] Continue reading →

Smartron Windows 10 Laptop/Tablet Review

Ever since the computer revolution started, India produced software engineers in mass numbers. There is a software engineer from Indian working in every country, every corner of the world. Our services and software companies made a big mark in global IT field. Yet, when it came to creating innovative and mass market hardware, we fell […] Continue reading →

Free Heatmap Analytics Tool, UserHeat Review

With large number of web analytic services and softwares available online, it has become quite a task about which one to choose. While most of these services only give you a basic reading about which page has been viewed how frequently, there are some which go out and provide much more. One such web analytic […] Continue reading →

ASUS Zenfone Max Review: Big on Battery, Low on price point

With the advent in technology in the field of smartphones, we see new features coming up in smartphones everyday and some major improvements in the existing features. One such feature that has always been in the limelight that is constantly becoming better is the battery life of smartphones. Be it by using better hardware that […] Continue reading →

Asus Zenfone Zoom Review | Fully Power Packed Camera Smartphone

In the age of smartphones, most smartphone manufacturing companies are now coming forward with devices that have special or advanced features in a particular area. For example, Gionee’s Marathon series smartphones are famous for their particularly large batteries while the Edge variants of the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 became quite popular for […] Continue reading →

Web Of Trust (WOT) Browser Extension Review

Most of the work we do these days is done on our gadgets, mainly our laptops and computers and smartphones and a great deal of that work involves is surfing or simply accessing the Internet. If not for our work, we’re dependent on the Internet otherwise too for too many things. Internet has become a […] Continue reading →

Meizu MX5 Review; Best Flagship Smartphone at Affordable Price

Gone are the days when the global smarrtphone market was the battleground for just Samsung and Apple. Today, the market is also feeling the presence of a lot of other smartphone manufacturers offering quality and feature rich smartphones at not so high prices. Many of these smartphone manufacturers are Chinese and one such Chinese smartphone […] Continue reading →