Magisto – The Best Free Video Editor for Android

Although I have said so many good and bad words as well about Android, today I have to erase all those bad lines since I think Android got everything. I mean this best mobile operating system could fulfill any demand of any kind of people. Though this is relatively different from the core point of this article but I flabbergasted after seeing a ‘C’ compiler which is accessible for Android. Though I have less knowledge about programming language(s) but I have run a few couple of programs on this and each one gave me accurate result.

Nevertheless, you know that a few days back, I published an article on best video editor for Windows and I stated on Camtasia in that article. And today I would have to make known to Magisto which is the best video editor for Android and does the same thing what a video editing software should do. According to some people, free tools/programs/software (and so on. I mean any free stuff) doesn’t has the things that a premium stuff has. But according to me, Magisto has made that line wrong.

Introducing Magisto – the best video editor for Android:

You can grab a copy of Magisto right from Google Play without spending a cent. But don’t worry; it is as good as said. Your entire video editing will be completed within 5 regular steps.

Step #1:

Open this editor and choose a video. Now you have two options. You can either shoot a video or you can use your existing gallery if you wish to edit a pre-captured video.

Step #2:

Now you have to choose a video and go forward.


Step #3:

Choose a theme and sound track.

Step #4:

Enter a name of your movie.

Video Editor for Android

Step #5:

Wait for a few while it will create everything for you.

Video Editor for Android

That is the thing that you have to do. Now you are thinking that “I have not chosen any effect or anything else ” but still I can find all those in my result. How is it possible?

Okey, let me explain how does it work?

Actually, it is being developed by its developers focused on Artificial Intelligence. It automatically detects all important parts of your video and then rearrange them after one by one on its own. After that it adds all those effects, sound track etc. based on your chosen theme. Hence, you don’t have to add them manually.

It has also another good option that will let you integrate your Google Drive videos in Magisto, the best video editor for Android.

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