Best Text Editors For Android

You know that Google Play is the biggest application filed where from you can download millions of Android app either for free or by spending a few dollars. Alike other tools, this is also very important to choose the best text editor for Android so that you will not feel bore due to an app. To get rid of this huge problem, here is a list of top 5 text editors for Android.

Best text editors for Android:



ColorNote is one of the best text editors what I have been using it for 2 months (approx) and never felt bore with this tool. Generally, it offer two kind of text editing environment i.e. normal text and checklist. You can also create note according to the calendar which is given in this app. In terms of appearance, you can use light or night mode during writing. It also comes with an in-built recycle bin where from you can recover all your erased notes. You can synchronize your offline notes with online accounts of Google Mail, Facebook etc. or you can create backup of your notes in your SD card.

Light Paper:


Light Paper comes with less but useful options which could be grabbed without spending a cent. But you can upgrade your free tool which costs a few dollars. You can create note and save them on various cloud storages like Dropbox or you can also post that note on your WordPress.Com blog or Tumblr blog. Generally, it asks you the format in which you wish to create a document but you can change the default format by navigating to Settings.

Simple Notepad:

Simple Notepad

If you need minimum features but maximum experience, Simple Notepad would be one of  the best text editors for Android device. It comes with a transparent background and some regular options. Just press the plus button to get started.

You can also create folders to make your notes separate and easy to understand. From Settings page, you can do the following things;

  • Import or export notes
  • Encode or decode files
  • Import or export checklist
  • Customize text editing arena i.e. wallpaper, theme, font, color
  • Set reminder
  • Orientation i.e. Landscape, Portrait
  • Startup action
  • Home screen widget customization

Hope it would help you a lot.

Jota Text Editor:


The simplest text editor for Android which appears with only six option for editing. You can only write something in it and share that with your friends over different social networking websites or via email. <Download Link>

920 Text Editor:


The first thing I would have to say that it is looking like Google Chrome. You can manage more than one note simultaneously by swiping tab(s). Actually, this text editor only for programmers or web developers and that’s why it has so many options. With the help of them, you can save a note in various formats, highlight a particular line or text, encode or decode and so on.

From the Setting arena, you can change font, font size, cursor size, enable or disable spell checking (since its not useful in programming languages), highlight syntax, customize keyword or function color and more others. <Download Link>

Today I have highlighted only five simple text editors for Android when there are also so many which are available on Google Play. Out of them, Evernote, OneNote, Google Docs (Comes with Google Drive) are the most popular. Which one do you love most? Do share with us.

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