Best Android Backup App – Free & Paid

You know that Android is the best mobile operating system which is produced by Google Inc. On other end, data lose is the most common problem in these present days. You cannot stop that but you can at least do that against that. And creating of backup is the simplest and easy to do task to prevent data lose.

Best Android backup app:

App Backup & Restore:

App Backup & Restore

App Backup & Restore is one of the best apps in terms of Android backup app which comes at free of cost. Whereas it shows ads, you can remove them by purchasing a promotion code which costs a few dollars. On other end, this is the best for those who need regular options and maximum features, App Backup & Restore will be the best. To create backup of your installed apps, you just need to select app and press the Backup button. You can also back your system apps. But you will have to check an option inside Settings page to get those applications.

Phone Backup:

Phone Backup

Phone backup is another great Android backup app that lets you backup your entire phone i.e. Contact, Call Logs, Message, Calendar, Alarm, Phone Settings and apps. You can either create backup manually or by scheduled time. You can also optimize your phone by detecting battery killing apps. Phone Backup could shows running processes, programs, services etc. Actually, this is a two in one app. You can create backup file or it also acts as battery optimizer. From settings, you can show/hide file types, change store path, prefix name etc.

My Backup:

My Backup

My Backup works on both rooted and un-rooted devices. You can either create backup on their own cloud storage (by signing up) or you can use your own memory (internal or external). Just open this software and click the New Backup button. Therefore, you have to choose the file type that you want to backup. Then, choose file(s) to do the rest. If you are on the premium version of My Backup, you can migrate your data to another new device from old or current device.  As usual, Scheduled backup facility is also there in this Android backup app.

Go Backup:

My Backup

Just like the previous app, Go backup also works on rooted and un-rooted Android devices. This is one of the simplest Android backup apps which is available for free and paid as well. This is the best app which can create backup of SMS, MMS,Browser Bookmark, Ringtone, Wallpaper, Calendar, Custom Dictionary, all installed apps (including system apps) and so on. To create backup by making use of Go Backup, just open it and press the button that says New/Restore Backup. After that, choose what you want to backup and press the Backup button.

Today I have introduced some most useful and easy to use backup application those have not been mentioned before on this blog. By the way, I have previously published various articles on Super Backup, SMS Backup & Restore, Ultimate Backup and so on.

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