Some Common Ways to Customize Windows 7

You know that Windows 7 is the best OS for computers and laptops. The graphics, sound etc. are just great. Although this is very important to install corresponding drivers to get better quality, Windows 7 could handle those without having them. I have been using this operating system for almost three years and did not get any kind of issue till now.

If you are a daily reader of this blog, you might have got the line which is like this; “Every default feature is not yet so good”. And yes, it is right. Though Windows 7 comes with beautiful theme, sound but you may feel bore after using them for a long while. So, today I am going to introduce some less known features to customize Windows 7.

How to customize Windows 7?

Change Theme:

Let’s get started with theme customization. All default Windows 7 themes are good enough but that is not for a long while. So, you can either install theme from any third-party source or you can create your own theme. 1. To use additional source, you can give DeviantArt a try. You will get some fully compatible theme for your PC. 2. To create and save own theme, it requires a little bit knowledge of any photo editor like Photoshop, GIMP, Xara etc. At first, create a photo and set it as wallpaper. Then do whatever you do with other themes i.e. change color, screensaver etc. Then navigate to Control Panel >> All Control Panel Items >> Personalization. Right click on the theme that you have just customized and select Save Theme for Sharing.

create windows 7 theme

That’s it! Now whenever you will be bored, you can create and install your own theme.

Set Slide show as Wallpaper:

Although this is an in-built feature of Windows 7 and later versions of Windows but most of the people do not familiar with this. To set a slide show as your desktop wallpaper, go to Desktop Wallpaper under Personalization and select multiple wallpapers. Slide show will be created by automatic.

Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper or Screensaver:

Just two-three days back, I have introduced a Windows app that lets you implement any video or .gif image as your desktop wallpaper. Just hit this link to know more about that.

Customize Screensaver:

You know that Windows 7 and other versions of Windows OS have this brilliant feature which appears at the predefined time. They are all likable but if you don’t like them, you can customize according to your requirement. Winaero Screensavers Tweaker is one of the best tools to edit your default screen saver.

Winaero Screensavers Tweaker

You can increase or reduce the number of shapes, shape radius etc. by making use of this app.

Change Mouse Pointer:

Changing of mouse pointer is pretty simple and interesting. Here you have two options; 1. You can either use given pointers or 2. Download and install pointers from other third-party resources like DeviantArt. To change your current pointer, go to Control Panel >> Mouse >> Pointers. Then browse and select a particular pointer from there and make sure your changes.


There, you will get an option which will allow/disallow theme to change mouse pointers.

Change Folder Icon:

A default folder icon is looking like the following picture;

Folder Icon

But if you don’t like it anymore, you can use any picture as your icon or this is also possible to change the color of that icon style. Apart from using third-party app, you can use some given icons. To do so, just right-click on any folder >> select Customize tab >> Change Icon >> choose an icon and save your settings.

Change Folder Icon

Change Account Picture:

This is obvious that anyone wants to set their own images anywhere which is owned by him/her. So, if you are the owner of your PC, you can simply change the account picture within moments. Just click the start menu button and current account picture respectively. Therefore, select Change your picture and select your image. You can either choose given images or browser for more.

Use Gadget:

Desktop gadgets are the most unique feature of Windows 7 which is not available on other OS (by default). To add a desktop gadget, right-click on empty space of your desktop and select Gadgets. Then double-click on any gadget to add that on desktop.


You can also download other gadgets from the web (Now Microsoft is not giving away due to some reasons).

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I think these tips will be very helpful for you if you want to customize Windows 7 in your own way. Did I miss any important thing? Do share your tips with is via comment.

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