Top 3 Android Web Browsers to Browse Like a Pro

You know that Android is one of the best mobile OS and today you will come to know the reason behind this. Like desktop, there are also numerous browsers which are presented for your device. No matters, which version of Android you are using since most of the great Android web browsers are available for almost every version.

Best Android web browsers:

Opera Mini:

Opera Mini

This is one of the best Android web browsers that I’ve been using since a long days.  Still remember when I had a Nokia S40 mobile and Opera Mini is the one and only browser that could give little bit extra speed than regular.

You know that the computer version of Google Chrome is the best and high speed web browser. Just like this, Opera Mini is an substitute to Chrome but for Android. As usual, there are also some pros and cons as well on this browser.

For example, you can browser faster on your normal internet connection but Opera Mini doesn’t support Java Script and that’s why you may fall in problem at sometimes. What if you have opened a page which contains a YouTube video that has been embedded with Java Script like our blog. So, if you open such a page and click the video to watch, you will be redirected to your default YouTube app. In this view, this browser is not yet so good.

On other end, it requires a minimum data to give you maximum web page elements. You cannot request to open desktop site which is using mobile version theme/plugin (sometimes it’s possible) right from this browser but this kind of redirection is available for other browsers.



This is in second position (according to me) out of top 3 android web browsers. Previously, I published a comparison between Opera Mini and Firefox to let you know about several features like Speed Dial, Couch mode etc. If you are a blogger but have some problems with your internet connection and this is the reason for that you cannot browse internet from your PC, Firefox will be the one and only choice. It loads in two different modes e.g. mobile version and desktop version.

This is really a good option after ignoring Opera Mini because Mozilla offers so many add-ons for this browser. You can do whatever you want like desktop version of Firefox. You know that some sites allow readers to read an article without having any sidebar/ad/popup/footer etc. which is called Couch mode and this beautiful feature is available on Firefox. It brings a great environment for readers.

There is another great feature in Firefox by which you can carry forward your existing data to a new browser from old one. For instance, you are on the way to change your phone. So, it is also obvious that you will install a fresh version of Firefox on your new phone. So, after installing, you will feel the deficiency of your previous data. In this situation, you can use the Import/Export option.

Firefox is great in terms of security. You can activate Master Password just like desktop version of Firefox. Master Password prompt appears on each opening to protect your data from being lost.

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome

Though I am writing about Google Chrome in third position, there is nothing to think that this browser comes with less quality. In fact, this is great and comes with combine features of Opera Mini and Mozilla Firefox. Means you can browser internet faster like Opera Mini and get most of options like Mozilla Firefox. Just like Firefox, it loads everything by default when you can prevent JS, Popups etc. from being loaded right from the Content Settings of Chrome.

As per sign in to Chrome, you will get all your data i.e. autofill form, passwords, cookies etc. back in your current browser. If you don’t like to save password on various sites, you can block the settings. Actually, this is just like the desktop version of Chrome.

That’s it! Although, today I have introduced only three Android web browsers in this article, there are also so many browsers like Dolphin browser, Opera Mobile etc. which are also so good. Anyway, which browser do you like most? Do let us know via comment.

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