AnVir Task Manager – A Windows Task Manager Alternative

You know that Windows is the most common operating system for computers and laptops which has so many software out there. You can grab them without spending a cent and sometimes you have to pay a few couple of dollars. If there is a running OS then it is obvious that there are some running tasks too. Most of the running tasks could be stopped by just clicking the “Close” button when you cannot do so with some hidden and running tasks.

So, to compete with them, there is an in-built feature which is known as Task Manager that lets you stop unnecessary running processes. And if it comes to Windows 7 task manager, I Would suggest you to use DBC Task Manager which is looking like Windows 8 Task Manager and does the same as Windows 8. Windows 7 task manager needs a lot of improvements in terms of taking actions effectively. Alternatively, you can also use WinVisible which is another Windows Task Manager alternative.

Windows 7 task manager cannot effectively detect the exact killer application or process. I have come across to this decision after using AnVir Task Manager. This is a brilliant Windows task manager alternative which comes in two different options e.g. Portable version and installer.

AnVir Task Manager: Windows Task Manager alternative:-

It’s a light-weight application and it detects startup apps to speed up your PC, running applications and processes, services and log file. The Log file does whatever it says. Means, you can get all details about your running processes from each log file.

AnVir Task Manager

Let me explain how you can use it effectively:

Get started with Startup tab. You can disable or add any kind of process here at startup. To exclude any pre-defined process, just uncheck that. To add anything at startup, just right click on empty space and navigate to Edit >> Add Entry.

Right from Applications tab, you can come to know more about your running apps. Just right click on anything and select Detailed Info. The Processes tab contains all running processes and you can stop them from right click context menu. Note:- Don’t stop a processes without having any proper knowledge about that. It may be a reason of system crash.

If you like to add any process at startup, just right click on any process and select the Add to Startup button.

There is not any other important feature in this Windows Task Manager alternative. Hope above mentioned features will be helpful for you.

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