How to Completely Lock Android Phone

There is no doubt that Android is the mostly used mobile operating system which has millions of active users out there. This is the best OS because of several reasons. 1. You can download tons of apps, games, eBooks etc. from Google Play or from other third party resources. 2. The camera is good enough to take continuous shoots. 3. Great user interface is available here. 4. It has outstanding security features that could protect you from any unwanted activity.  I think you have much knowledge about “Parental Control” of Windows. But if you use Android, you can get this option by installing any third party application.

In-built security to Lock Android Phone:

By default, Android phones offer four kinds of security options i.e. Slide lock, Pattern lock, Pin code, Password. The Slide Lock is not yet so good when Pin Lock and Password are the most recommended locking systems ever.

Problem with Pattern Lock:

The fourth and last option is Pattern Lock. When I saw it for the first time, I didn’t switch to any other locking system. But after using it for almost two months, I came across to a physical bug which is there in that Pattern lock system.

Though I cannot show you any picture on corresponding physical bug but at least I could try to explain that. You know that you have to draw predefined pattern on your screen which has a plastic screen protector. So, after using the same pattern, there will be a scratch which will be looking like your lock pattern. So, it will be very easy to unlock your phone for anyone. Because of this, it is safer to use Pin Lock or Password Lock than Pattern Lock.

By making use of those above mentioned locking systems, you can protect your phone partially. To make it completely locked, you should use a third party app. In that case, Smart Lock Free (App/Photo) is really trustworthy since it comes with some advanced features.

Introducing Smart Lock Free:

Smart Lock offers three types of locking system i.e. Number Password (Pin lock), Text Password and Pattern Lock. I would recommend you to use Text Password instead of others.

lock type of smartlock

By making use of this application, you can bring parental control environment in your phone. You can lock particular app or entire gallery of your phone. To lock specific app, just Add Lock button and select one or multiple app. Then register it.

You can also lock USB storage or change of phone number.

 lock USB storage

Problem with uninstallation:

You might fall in trouble to uninstall Smart Lock from your phone. Just navigate to Settings >> Security >> Device Administrators and uncheck the Smart Lock Free.

Then go to Apps arena and uninstall it safely.

Problem with uninstallation

That’s it! Hope this guide will be useful for you to complete lock your Android phone.

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