Thinking to Start Blogging? You Should Know These

If you have already read my F.A.Q page, you might know that I am a learner of blogging and have been learning since past 1.5 year. May be this is a very small journey that I have passed but I could explain the myth of blogging partially.

I came across to this term, Blogging, in November, 2011. I was very interested when I heard about this and what can someone does through this. When I heard about this term, I had no mobile (I had PC but no internet). And surprisingly I got both of them after a few couple of days. Anyway, that is a different story which you won’t be interested in reading.

In this span of months, I have learnt various things but without having any teacher. Oh! Yes, there is a teacher which is popular as “Internet & Google”. On the other hand, I have read lot of awakening stories; meet so many famous bloggers and webmasters, Logo designers over different social networking sites – mainly on Facebook and Twitter. Since last few couple of days, I have started writing diary (obviously physical diary) where I have written some incentive and evergreen lines those have been told by those famous people. And I have also come to know about some facts which happen now and then.

Let’s get started:

Things Your Should Know Before Starting A Blog

You need money, money is everything:

Though I am only 18 years old and didn’t face any financial problem since my dad and other family members are there who always help me, but I have seen the real lack of money. There are so many bloggers (including me) who always to want to do something more and want to see their blog as a world class brand but they cannot do anything due to deficiency of money.

Suppose, you want to do blogging on self-hosted WordPress but you can’t. Why? Because you have no money. Even I have started blogging on Google Blogger. But thanks to Jit Dutta who gave me so many space (Actually, unlimited) in this premium hosting account and gave me full control over his cPanel. I am lucky but it won’t be happen with every guy. Isn’t? So, they will have to use Tumblr, BlogSpot which could even erase your blog without taking your permission (It happened with me for two times and I am 100% sure I was not spamming there.).

Suppose, you want to start learning how to code. There are only few sites which will help you to do so and rest of them demand money. Suppose, you are surfing internet and a theme is being attracted by you and you want to get that after knowing every good things of that theme. But you can’t do so. Why? You don’t have money. So, you need money at everywhere. Even, you are reading this article after paying a lot of money to your ISP. Isn’t it?

You need time, but where is it?

Suppose, you have money to spend for hosting, domain, theme, plugins etc. but don’t have so much time to spend for blogging i.e. learning new things or writing an article. I have read (And I think you too) at several sites that you can write only one article in one week but that one article should be excellent in quality. I have tried this and it didn’t work. You must write at least one article in two days. Means, you can write 14-15 articles in one month.

This is a common sense that you are not Bill Gates. No one knows you when you start blogging. You have to be featured yourself by doing something interesting. To do so, content writing is the first thing. If you are not doing that correctly, you are doing nothing.

Are you a 9-5 worker? Blogging is not for you:

I have seen some guys who stopped blogging due to lack of time. I have asked some of them about the reason of their quitting and their simple and one line answer is “I am a X engineer and I have to spend time from 9Am to 5Pm. I have no time to blog .” I just hate these kinds of lines. I would like to ask them “Then why did you start blogging? I haven’t asked it to anyone though.

Blogging is not an over-night success job:

This is another common fact. When you start doing blog, no one knows you. You have to do that consistently for a long time to be featured. I don’t remember the name of the person but someone told me;

Don’t buy link (backlink). Just wait for sometime. You will start earning them.

By just showing of your patience to your audience, nothing will achieve. You have to make it inside you.

What kind of gadgets do you have?

If you want to start blogging on Technology, you must need several gadgets which are running on different operating systems i.e. Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, iOS and so on. Without having them on your hand, how do you write article on them? Will you copy? No, never. It’s strictly prohibited. Here, I should again have to say about money since you need a lot of money to buy them.

Do not neglect SEO:

Even after spending two months on our first blog, we (Me and my starting partner) were not aware of Search Engine Optimization. One evening, one guy told me “Hey Dude, Just take a look on SEO. I just heard that it is important for blogging.” And what I did? I just sent him some links on SEO from Google search.

After doing blog for a whole year, I came across to the original face behind this small term, SEO, when I started using Long Tail Pro (Trial & then Platinum). I did suggest so many people to use it after my experience. So, I would recommend you to learn everything about SEO and then start blogging. Otherwise, you cannot give proper value to your articles.

Don’t do what you don’t know:

Blogging is all about experience, but don’t try to do something what you don’t know. And do that same thing after knowing the entire positive and negative things. This is pretty much different with content writing.

There are also many things that I should say to you. But I am still collecting them after one by one. If you have anything to say, just feel free and ask whatever you want. You can also contact with me to know something.

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