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You know that blogging has turned out to be the most popular job among school and college students. However, this is not yet so easy job as it said since there are a lot of factors that should know by you correctly to grow up your blog in the right way. You cannot go on with your blog without some must know aspects. Out of them, English, the most popular language, should be the one and only language for your blog.

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You know that everyone wants to make money from their blog or for their blog, and most of the famous and mostly used ad networks like Google AdSense, BuySellAds etc. needs English as a language of your blog. So, if you are not blogging in English, you are doing nothing.

On other ends, you should talk and write English very carefully since Google doesn’t like bad grammar/English. (I know that my English is not so good, and that’s why I am learning this language since it is/was not my first language in school or college.) For a non-English man, this is very difficult to talk and write in English randomly.

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That’s why I have been using a grammar checker which is smoothly working on my Windows 7/8 PC. You just need a data connection to use this tool effectively. Previously, I used Ginger but the result is not so satisfactory. Although WhiteSmoke is paid software, but I am using this app by making use of a trick.

Introducing WhiteSmoke, the best grammar checker:

This software comes with minimum options, but all of them are very useful. Actually, it has three key features, i.e. Grammar Checker, Translator and Dictionary.


Grammar Checker: You can use this section to check your grammatical mistakes in paragraphs.

Translator: It works like Google translator, but it has not so many languages like that. English, French, German, Arabic are some of those included languages.

Dictionary: You know that there are so many offline and online dictionaries, which could help you a lot to increase your word stock. WhiteSmoke’s dictionary section doesn’t something like that.

All those key features of WhiteSmoke have been introduced here. Just use it and boost your grammar within few couples of days. <Download Link>

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