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There are so many uninstallers for Windows, which are available at free of cost. You can simply download them within moments right from the Internet. Earlier, I introduced Wise Program Uninstaller that lets you do whatever Revo Uninstaller does.

But why you need an additional uninstaller?

Yes! You might ask that question. Everyone knows that Windows has an in-built option which can uninstall any installed software.

According to me, only that feature is not enough for completely remove a program from your system. Let’s say, you have installed Sony Vegas Pro. After using, you want to uninstall that. So, a regular guy will navigate to the uninstall section of his computer and select the app and then click the Uninstall button.

What do you think? You have uninstalled that successfully? No, you are unconditionally wrong. Need substantiation? I could provide you. Just navigate to Program Files folder under your “C” drive (C is the system drive where you have installed your OS) and then make a search for “Sony”, you will get a folder. This is such a folder what

everyone can pick out easily but there is also a lot of files/folders which could not be found out without any third party uninstaller. That’s where Revo Uninstaller comes in.

Introducing Revo Uninstaller:

Although it has some proficient options, but I think I could elucidate them so that you can recognize and use it better.

Revo Uninstaller

App Uninstaller: Nothing to say that it will uninstall apps from your PC. But no! Here is not the end. After uninstalling, it will automatically search for corresponding registry keys and other unusual files in C drive. Then you can delete them entirely.

AutoRun Manager: By making use of AutoRun Manager, you can get control over every autorun programs system.

Junk Files Cleaner: Junk files are very harmful that could contain malicious files too. On other ends, why does someone will store temporary files in his/her system and waste some memory for nothing? So, you can delete them not only from C drive but also from other drives.

Windows Tools: In Windows Tools section, you will get all in-built system features including System Information, Group Policy Editor, Task Scheduler, Security Center, and Network Information and so on.

Browsers Cleaner: From here, you can erase all installed browsers cookies, address bar histories, visited web pages, Index.dat files etc. Undoubtedly this is a great choice to use this section to delete them in bulk.

Microsoft Office Cleaner: It will assist you to delete all recent document history of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and FrontPage.

Windows Cleaner: This part of Revo Uninstaller has the option to delete Recent Document History, Start Menu Run history, MS Pain recent file history, find file history; crash memory dumped files; Chkdsk (Check Disk) recovered file fragments, Windows temporary files and more others.

Evidence Remover: You know that only delete button is not enough for completely delete a file or folder or anything else from your system. However, if you use “Evidence Remover”, you can easily remove any file or folder, which could not be recovered by any software or anything else.

Unrecoverable Delete: It works similar to the previous option. You can delete any file or folder, which won’t be recovered by anyone/anything else.

Backup Manager: backup Manager will help you to create backup file of your installed software. It will create a mirror that let you get back after a system crash.

In the option, it has not so many features. The main option is “Traced Programs”. You can get all software or features which are helping someone to be traced.

That’s all! Hope this software would help you a lot.

Download:- Revo Uninstaller

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