How to Monitor Your Kid’s Activity in Your Absence [Best Tool for Employers too]

You know that 18+ content is now everywhere around the web and most of the kids are addicted to them. Definitely, this is detrimental. If you are a parent of your little but genius son/daughter, you ought to monitor his/her movement across your computer. This is a common fact that no one opens any porn site or any 18+ video in front of you. So, you would install software that will record all the accomplishments which were executed when you were not with your PC but your kid was.

On other end, being a CEO or boss of your company, this is also a very significant or one of few must do things to monitor your employee’s doings. That’s where HT Employee Monitor comes in.

Introducing HT Employee Monitor:

HT Employee Monitor is one of the best Windows activity monitor which could also bring parental control surroundings so that you can keep your kid innocuous from destructive sites. It will give you 14 days trial package when you can buy this magnificent Windows app by spending just $79.95 for 1 PC. <Hit this link to get entire price details.>

Features of HT Employee Monitor:


Launched Application: It will give you complete details of those Windows and Applications those were opened by your employee and kid as well.

Visited Websites: Visited Websites section gives all those site links that your employee opened from any installed browser. It will still show you all details even after removing browsing history.

Typed Keystrokes: Types Keystrokes section is good enough to show all those searched terms through a browser.

Computer Activity: If you have multiple accounts on your PC, you can check their log in and log off interval.

Screenshots: This is my second favorite section ever since HT Employee Monitor will capture screenshots automatically at predefined time interval.


Facebook Blocking: This is my first likable section because I have been using this application to block Facebook which wastes my lot of times which might be used by doing blog. If you are thinking so, you can use Facebook Blocking section to block Facebook across multiple browsers.

Website Blocking: This is the main part of parental control. You can either block Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and so on which are already given or you can add your custom harmful sites to be blocked.

Website Blocking

Application Blocking: It does what it says. Means you can block specific install apps so that no one can use them.

Windows Security: Though it has not so many options but each of them is very useful. You can prevent anyone from accessing Control Panel, Add/Delete Programs Menu, Task Manager, Registry Editor, System Configuration Utility and Command Prompt.


From the Options pane, you can allow or disallow this app to be run on Windows startup or display a message which will notify the current user that something is running from the PC’s admin end.

On the other hand, you can select or deselect some monitoring settings and screenshot taking frequency. HT Employee Monitor also is handled through email. Means, you will get notified about the activity by email after predefined time.

So, just download HT Employee Monitor and run this app. The other and great facility of using this app, no one can even think about this app. This app’s working method is beyond your imagination since you cannot find this tool in Windows Uninstall arena. No third party uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller can detect this app’s visibility on your PC. So, you may fall in trouble to uninstall HT Employee Monitor from your computer.

How to uninstall HT Employee Monitor?

This is very difficult until you know the exact procedure. After minizing you cannot find this app anywhere in your PC. The only method to unhide it’s existence is the hot key that you have selected previously or the default hot key which is as follows;

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Z

After that, navigate to File and Uninstall respectively.

uninstall HT Employee Monitor

That’s all! Isn’t it a very easy task?

I think this little bit of piece is enough for now. Hope it would help you a lot.

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