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Windows is the most vigorous computer operating system but you know that nothing is unspoiled. There are so many features which might not be eye-catching for you. Nevertheless, that is a different story. If you use anything for long days deprived of having any preservation (may be/may not be automatically), you might fall in trouble and that may damage your entire system within moment.

Windows operating system is one of few couple of widespread OS which requires daily or weekly or monthly conservation so that it could provide you a improved service even when you have a low-rated hardware configuration.

What does system maintenance mean?

I think I previously told you a lot about this. Anyway, whenever you install software on your computer, so many analogous registry files and program files will be added automatically. On other end, those are must for running one software efficiently.

But when you uninstall software from your computer, those files still will be there in your system. Sometimes program files get deleted when Windows doesn’t expunge registry files from its own.

So, you need to clean them up either using any software or manually. Or there are so many temporary files in your system those have been made for software, media files etc. Although you can easily delete them from your machine but there are also some despoiled registry files and other issues which could not be removed without taking the help of any third party tool. That’s where Advanced System Optimizer comes in.

Introducing Advanced System Optimizer, Windows System Maintenance software:

This is all-in-one Windows system maintenance software which has so many fabulous features including registry fix, privacy adviser and so on.

Best Windows System Maintenance

Key features:

Even though it has so many features, I would like to introduce them in short.

Smart PC Care: This part checks your entire system including junk files, outdated drivers, registry problems, spyware etc. and gives you a detailed result so that you can make your PC safer.

Registry Optimizer: The above section checks regular files when you can make a deep scan of your Registry files. By making use of Registry Optimizer, you can repair Windows registry issues and make them compact for smooth performance.

Disk Cleaner & Optimizer: 1. It scan s your system for missing features i.e. uninstallers, scandisks etc. Just go with this option and make a scan to get informative result. 2. You can defrag your local drives after scanning. 3. All disk issues will be solved automatically using the Disk Tools under this part. 4. The Disk Explorer shows complete disk usage. Means you can check every files and folder which has some problems.

Windows Optimizers: 1. Game Optimizer – This tool will create a virtual desktop which will contain maximum processing power for a game. It also provides you maximum memory allocation so that you can run a game without having any problem. 2. Memory Optimizer – IT will check your full system to grab free memory by optimizing. 3. Driver Updater – Driver Updater will assist you to check out dated drivers. You can either do that manually or by automatically.

Security & Privacy:  It does what it actually says. You can make secure your computer using this section of this Windows maintenance software. On other end, you can delete specific file or folder for permanently. Means, any recovery tool cannot recover that file/folder if you delete anything using this section.

Backup & Recovery: It will help you to create system restore point so that you can get your previous system back ever after hard system crashing.

Common Problems Fixer: Like other deep problems, there might have also some problems which are small but really irritating. For example, suppose you have made a search inside Windows. If you have multiple files in same name, you will get all of them. But Advanced System Optimizer has such a great facility which would help you to disable that problem. You can also remove duplicate files from your computer and get rid of low memory problem.

Regular Maintenance: It contains some useful features. For instance, you can manage your start up applications, uninstall applications and do whatever I mentioned above at predefined time.

That’s it! I think this little introduction will help you a lot to maintain your system effectively.

Download:- Advanced System Optimizer

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