How to Create Own Animated Wallpaper on Android

You know that there is no alternate to Android which is popular enough for mobiles and tablets. Google Play is there to support this mobile operating system which is produced and industrialized by Google, the biggest company in these present days.

Few days back, I introduced PicsArt which is a full-featured Android photo editing software and has almost every indispensable feature. But that software cannot give wobble effect on demand to a user’s picture.

Nevertheless, it will be very humorous when you create a picture which will move either on touch or on shake.

Generally, Live Wallpapers is one of few battery killers. But still there are so many people who love to use live wallpapers on their Android gadget. Although there are so many live wallpapers on your Android device by default, this is very interesting to create own animated wallpaper.

How to create own animated wallpaper?

This is however very easy with AndWobble. You can create live wallpaper almost instantly. You just have to execute only 3-4 easy steps to create custom wallpaper according to your requirement.

You can either choose a picture from your gallery or you can capture image for this. Therefore, press the button that says Add Wobble. Then do whatever you want. Means adjust the shape or rotate and so on. You can get the preview as well to check whether you are doing the right thing or not.


If you have made anything wrong, don’t worry; just press the Remove Wobble button to undo.

Create Own Animated Wallpaper

After doing everything, go to options and select your self-made image as wallpaper. You can also set that as wallpaper from Live Wallpaper section of your phone.

That’s it.

Download:- AndWobble (Google Play)

Via:- Addictivetips

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