How to Check All Connected USB Devices on Your Windows PC

You know that every computer has USB port that helps you to connect numerous smart devices with your PC so that you can use that like mass storage or do reverse tethering. Generally, a regular Windows PC has at least two USB ports. You can use them simultaneously.

But do you ever perceived about such a tool that will let you give every significant information about all previously connected USB devices? I think no. Even though Windows doesn’t offer any app by default but you can perceptibly use third party software to get so.

Today I am going to familiarize such great portable software which is obtainable for Windows computers and laptops. This is one of few couple of portable and light-weight software that will assist you to check all connected USB devices on your Windows PC.

Introducing USBDeview that in being developed by Nirsoft. Just download it and run on your computer. Hence, you will get a screen something like the following picture which will contain all connected USB devices.

Check All Connected USB Devices

Check All Connected USB Devices

It automatically detects those devices in terms of security and privacy. It will also help you to know about its un-plugging safety. If you want to disconnect any device from your PC, just right click on that and select Disconnect selected device. You can also control the Auto-Play service of any USB device.

You know that whenever you install software or connect nay device through any port on your PC, it automatically requires some corresponding/ must have registry files and this is very difficult to check all registry files of any USB device. But USBDview makes it simple.

You can easily get consistent registry files by selecting Open in RegEdit under right click context menu. If you want to check the data transfer speed of connected USB device, you can do so.

Check All Connected USB Devices

A few days back, I published a trick on drive letter. If you want to get a flashback of that trick, use this software to change the drive letter of any USB device so that you can detect them faster.

That’s all! There are also some useful features which cannot be illustrated in writing. You must have to use this software so get so.

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