7 Ways to Check Exif Data of Any Image

You know that photography is inordinate and you ought to have a different art of view to be a proficient photographer. Anyone cannot be a photographer – it’s true. Anyway, that is a different story when it comes to check exif data on any image.

What does exif data mean?

The word, Exif, is the short form of Exchangeable Image File. Whenever, you shoot an image (of any), it also captures your camera name, camera model, resolution, capture date & time, GPS latitude/longitude/altitude, flash mode during capture and more others. All these data will help you to elucidate your image decorously.

How to check exif data of any image?

There are so many online and offline methods of check exif data of any image.

#Method 1:

This is an offline way and you can do so without taking the help of any third party software. Just select an image and choose Properties under right click context menu. Therefore, you have to navigate to Details tab. Hence, you will get a screen something like the following image;

#Method 2:


Here is a Firefox add-on which is called FxIF. This is the simplest method ever to check exif data. Just add this is add-on in your Firefox browser and select an image of which you want to check those data. Then right click on that and select FxIF Data. That’ it!

#Method 3:

Exif Viewer

Here is another Firefox add-on which is known as Exif Viewer. It works something like the previous add-on but gives more info than that. The using method is very simple. Just add it in your browser and choose an image. Therefore, right click on that and select View Image EXIF Data.

#Method 4:


There is a Windows software which is known as PANDA IEXIF. Just download and install it on your system. After that, open any image via this tool. You will get instant result. This is good since it automatically separates GPS info from entire Exif data.

#Method 5:


I have to introduce ExifDataView which is a Windows software and works on Windows 7. This is portable software and works something great. Just download it and open any picture through this software. It will instantly show you all exif data on your screen.

#Method 6:

Exif Wizard

Exif Wizard is an iOS application which is has built on simplicity. It is fewer options but all of them are very useful. Just install this app on your device and open any image through Exif Wizard.

#Method 7:

At last when you cannot find something for your device, there should have an online tool. Isn’t it? And here are some best online application those let you check exif data on any image. You can check that of any image from web or from your hard drive. The following list contains all those web apps;

That’s all! Hope this little article will help you a lot. Did I miss something? If yes, then do let us know.

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