PVStar+ – Great Online Video Streaming App for Android

You know that Google Play is a leading application marketplace which supports Android, the best mobile OS by Google. YouTube is also another broadcasting website which has billions of active users who upload great videos in every now and then. There are also some sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion those offer online streaming and live streaming. Means, you can watch any live broadcast from your sweet home. All of them are very useful for bloggers as well since they can upload videos to YouTube and embed that in their blog post so that it will be looking more attractive.

You can watch any video (Disc.:- It doesn’t mean that we are signifying you to watch 18+ videos.) from one of them. In fact, I watch some old football videos sometimes on YouTube.

But when it comes to Android, its being easier because there are so many apps [even in-built YouTube app] on Google Play to stream videos. But PVStar+ is pretty different from regular apps since you can stream top four online streaming sites e.g. YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and NicoVideo simultaneously.

Introducing PVStar+ and method to run:

This is however very easy. It’s a simple app which could be grabbed at free of cost. You can buy the ad-free version by spending few dollars.

Key features:

  • Video search and streaming
  • Playlist search and play
  • Channel search and play
  • Play in background
  • Search by category
  • Create custom playlist
  • Backup playlist
  • Bookmark playlist
  • Import playlist from YouTube and NicoVideo

In the setting arena, you can have some options to choose default search engine;


Allow or disallow adult content, erase or keep search history, play or mute music, choose video quality, select cache capacity, headset settings, set up specific site and so on.

When you are playing a video like the following picture;


You can get more about that particular video. Means you can check the tags, description, and get related videos and more others.


That’s it! I hope this fabulous Android app will help you a lot to stream different videos at one place.

Download PVStar+:- Free Version | Paid Version (Google Play)

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