How to Get Facebook Notification on Desktop using Chrome Extension

You know that Google Chrome is one of few prevalent web browsers for almost every operating system. There are tons of apps, extensions, themes on Chrome Web Store those are made by millions of developers and webmasters. Previously we have covered so many extensions and app or even we have told you how you can create your own Chrome app.

Anyway, that is a different story when it comes to Facebook + Google Chrome. There is no hesitation that Facebook is the leading social networking websites which could top up, according to Alexa. You know that professionals always do the right thing and today I am going to introduce such a Chrome extension that could join these two experts. So, it will be much interesting as well.

Generally, Facebook notifies user for each kind of notification i.e. message, friend request and so on. But just take it minutely that you can get all of these only when you are signing in and have opened the Facebook page in your browser. Else, you cannot get them except email. Isn’t it?

But today’s Chrome extension will help you to get Facebook notification on desktop even when you have not opened the Facebook page on your browser. You can get it from your Computer system tray.

Introducing Fruumo Notifier:

This is such a great Chrome extension which merges Facebook and Google Chrome. Just add it in your browser by hitting this link. Therefore, you have to “sign in” in regular method to Facebook. Once signing in, just close your Facebook tab and do your work. You will get notification in the following way;

Get Facebook Notification on Desktop

If you have closed the above notification page and want to re-open that, just navigate to your system tray and click the button which indicates a bell.

Get Facebook Notification on Desktop

If you don’t want to get notification for a predefined time, just right click on that icon in your system tray and choose one option according to your requirements.

That’s all! Hope this extension will help you a lot. Thanks Technobuzz

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