Why you cannot find your articles in Google Search Result

You know that WordPress is much better than any other blogging software and this is the only reason to use this software by millions of professional bloggers. If you are also a user of WordPress, I am sure this post is only for you.

Let’s take a glance on these points:-

Over Search Engine Optimization

Which plugin you are using for optimizing you blog? How many plugins are used by you on one blog? Do you ever ask these kinds of questions to you? I think No. Yes! Though SEO is one of the most important things to do for blogging, over SEO is too much harmful for your blog. Yes, that is absolutely true. Many newbies use three or four plugins for SEO to optimize better. But this is not good. Your blog may be penalized by Google Panda.

Quality Content

To attract a reader, you must have to write a quality content. What is quality cont? Yes, everyone says “Quality Content, Quality Content”. But no one doesn’t explain what the quality content is. To writean article, you just have to input some important information, original information, write in small paragraphs. These are enough for a content.


Lack Of Inbound Links

An article should have sufficient inbound links. This is too much important for SEO.

Meta Description and Meta Keyword for your blog

Write a meta description and add some meta keywords for your blog. What is meta description? Meta description is a details that define your blog. What is meta keyword? Meta keyword is that keyword which defines your blog’s niche. How can I add these? If you are using WordPress then you can make use of any plugin. If you are using Google Blogger, you have add these in you theme. How to find whether I have added meta description correctly or not? The simple method is too simple. After doing all above things, you must have to submit your sitemap to Google through Webmaster Tool. Therefore, wait for upto 7 days. Then make a search. Type site:yourdomain.com. If you can find a description like the below screenshot, then Ok. But if you can’t find this then I suggest you to do all these again.

 Complete SEO form for each post

Yes! It takes a more second but this is also very important for every article. If you really like SEO then this is must for you.


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