How to Access Internet Together with Your Friends on Windows and Android

You know that sometimes we have to show something to our friends on any web page or anywhere else. There might have tons of reasons for that someone would like to share his browser’s current screen with his friends, office stuffs or with anyone else.

But there are only few couple of live screen sharing tools those could do the aforementioned thing correctly. Team Viewer is such a brilliant screen sharing software that could be downloaded on almost every operating system like Windows, Android and so on.

Introducing Team Viewer:

Team Viewer is the perfectly working software by which you can either use your or your friend’s computer from anywhere – yes anywhere. Its look like you are in front of that PC which you are using. But actually you are far away from that gadget. A phone which has a wide screen like 5 inch or more will be great to access internet together with your friends.

This is a light-weight application by which you can even connect with multiple friends. This is also possible to attend an office meeting from your home.

How to access internet together using Team Viewer?

This is however very easy. But you have to set it up properly which is simple as well. At first download this software for your PC from here and for Android from here. Therefore, install it on both. You can only run this app on your PC. Means, there is no need to install it on Windows computer.

After installing it on both, you can get following screen respectively.

Access Internet Together with Your Friends


If you want to want to share your PC’s browser with Android, give the Username and password to the Android user which is visible on your desktop. But the reverse method will not be applicable. You have to register and do something more to access your phone from PC.

If you have done everything correctly, you can open browser like the following picture;

Access Internet Together with Your Friends

That’s all! Hope it would be helpful for you and your friends.

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