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This is not a problematic task to listen music on your PC/laptop or even on your music player. Want to listen a song? Just go to music store, buy a music CD/DVD, come back to the home, play your music. It is the regular phenomenon that is being happened with millions of people. But if you want to burn them on another disc, what will you do? But which burner will you use? There should have hundreds of burning software available for Windows, Linux, Mac and so on. This is not a tough job as well. But if you are looking for a tool that could burn almost every kind of files like disc image/ISO file, Music, Video and many more, BurnAware ought to be your first predilection.

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Introducing BurnAware, DVD burner for Windows:

This is freemium app until you cross 10 days after installing. Earlier I was using LG Power2Go Suite for burning purpose but now I am thinking to shift to BurnAware. You can burn almost every kind of files within moments: it hang on your file size.

Key features:

Even if there are so many features but I would like to familiarize only some of them so that you can understand it in better way.


Data Disc: This option burns files like games, apps, spreadsheets and so on.

Blu-ray Disc:  If you have a large amount of data like video, you can surely use this section.

Boot Disc: When your hard drive is corrupted and don’t have any other option to access your PC, users often use bootable disc to reinstall Windows or repair existed Windows. You can create such a CD or DVD by making use of this part.

Custom Disc: It means a data disc with some additional features. From here, you can choose the system of a disc and import any session from the multisession disc.

Audio CD: It will have all your music clips. But the interesting thing is that all of your selected files will be converted in audio CD format after burning.

MP3 Disc: You can burn your.mp3 and WMA files.

DVD Video: It will help you to burn HD videos and you can play them on any DVD player as well.

Burn Image: ISO files can be burnt through this option.

Copy to Image: Create exact ISO image of the file that you have on hard drive.

Make ISO: IT will assist you to make ISO image and burn that on CD or DVD.

Make Boot ISO: Create bootable ISO image.

Multiburn: Burn single ISO file on multiple CDs or DVDs. [For Paid Version]

Erase Disc: Means just damage a disc with the RW or RE specification.

Disc Info: Check details of disc i.e. check compatibility, free space, sessions and many more.

Verify Disc: It scans your CD or DVD for errors.

Copy Disc: No need to copy files from hard drive and then burn on another disc. It makes the entire process simpler. Just copy something from disc 1 and paste it on disc 2. [For Paid Version]

Data Recovery: Recover data from erased disc. [For Paid Version]

How to burn CD or DVD using BurnAware?

This is the simplest task ever. Just download and install it on your system. Then open that and select the burning type. You can take a look at aforementioned features. <Download Link>

Select files. Don’t forget to check the burning speed.


That’s all! Hope this software will be very helpful for you.

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