Online Shopping Trends in India – Much Higher than Offline Shopping

Do you want to gift a mobile to your sister on her birthday who is living far away from you? Your final exam is ahead and you can’t attend her birthday party? Don’t worry man! That is an old even ancient problem. Now there are hundreds of online shopping sites out there those are either country basis or for entire planet.

Few days back, the same phenomenon happened with me and what I did? Just go to FlipKart, select a headphone (Requirements of my friend) and buy it and sent that via their delivery man to my friend’s door. My problem solved!

Just like this, there are so many people who are using these online shopping sites in every now and then. Not only electronics gadgets but also cars, bikes, home appliances could be bought through those sites.

Why people choose online shopping sites?

There might have tons of reasons behind this selection but today I am going to illustrate only some of them.

Online Shopping Trends in India

Easy to Use:

You know that there are so many shopping malls in your city where you can find every new thing very quickly. But you have to go to there and choose one of them to buy. But online shopping sites can be opened right from your home. You just need a computer with a data connection. Or even you can make use of your mobile to pick out a product.

Compare Products:

This is a common fact that you cannot compare products of different offline shops when it is possible to do so with various online shopping sites. There are so many sites those let you compare different products based on price. So that you can get the best deal for your product.


Online shopping sites give sales on their products. You know this kind of “Safe” also available on various occasions on offline shops but you will get more and more offers on online shopping sites.

Money Back Guarantee:

You can’t get back your money from offline shops once you purchase. But most of the online sites give 30 days or 45 days money back guarantee on your purchase.

Coupon, Offer, Affiliate, Promotion:

If one of your friends is affiliated with any shopping site, you can request him/her to generate a coupon code that will give you some off on your purchase. Therefore, your friend will also get some commission.

Change User Information or ask Someone:

In a report of The Wall Street Journal, they said that price varies on user information, browser and location. So, you can ask someone to buy a product for you can you will give the cost to him/her.

That’s all! Did I miss anything? I think no. what do you think about online shopping?

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