Wunderlist – The best To-Do List Manager for Android, Windows, iOS and MAC

You know that every smart device like Android, iOS has almost all kinds of applications on their own app store. You can install them either from their native app store or any other third party resources. Moreover, you could get all types of software in internet to do whatever you are thinking. And if you are thinking about a to-do list manager o remember all those things what you should do at 4pm or 10am or anytime else, you can simply make use of Wunderlist which comes on every kind operating system i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac. Or even this is also available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Unfortunately, Windows Phone users won’t be able to get this application.

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Introducing Wunderlist:

Wunderlist is a freemium to-do list manager which requires sign up to provide you better experience.

Key features:

  • Synchronize across multiple devices to access each note from anywhere
  • Easy share options
  • User friendly appearance
  • Set reminder
  • Get reminder as Push notification and on Email
  • Attach image, spreadsheets, PDF, video and more other files (For Premium version)
  • Track team activities (For Premium version)

I have been using this application for a few while and I am fully satisfied since it doesn’t offer so many options but does almost every essential things. As a blogger, there are so many things what I should do everyday. So, this is obvious that someone will forget some minor tasks in his/her daily busy schedule.

How to use this to-do list manager like a pro?

This is however very easy. Even there is nothing difficult to manage. The following screen will be appeared on your Windows PC after installing this to-do list manager.

Wunderlist windows

Just start writing your tasks in the empty box. To set the reminder, click on the task. To set reminder, you will get screen something like the following snap;


From set due date, you can set repeat your push notification and email notification.

That’s all! Hope this to-do list manager, Wunderlist, would help you a lot to manager your future tasks.

Download:- Wunderlist

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