5 Brilliant Ways to Add Device Frames to Your App Screenshots

Android ICS and Jellybean users use to take screenshots with their android devices by pressing power and volume down key together. Windows users use printscreen button to take screenshot of a current window. Sometime professional windows users use Snag-It like professional software to take high quality screenshots. The same technique is applicable to Linux ubuntu users also. Ubuntu users by default are provided by Screenshot option to take screenshot of a selected area. I don’t know the process for taking screenshot using iOS. But all the screenshot taken using the above mentioned devices are seemed to look almost naked as there are no frame added with images at the time of taking screenshots.

When the screenshots are uploaded to blog or social profiles, it is very necessary for you to make the screenshot more attractive to others and that can only be done if and only if you add device frames to your apps screenshots.

There are various ways to add outer frame to a specific photo. You can use photoshop for this purpose. However some online websites successfully help you to add smart device frames around your taken screenshots. Here I discuss top five ways to add android, tablet, smatphone like device frames to a screenshot.

1. Best Way to Add Device Frame to a Screenshot

PlaceIt is a brilliant online tool to add real time device frame to your screenshot. The frames available in this website are really live, that means you will get a natural image with perfect location. Thus after add frame to a photo or screenshot, it becomes really nice to look. Here is an example.

Here are two ways to add beautiful frames to a screenshot. Just drag and drop the image to the selected frame to frame it. Alternatively you if want to take a web-page screenshot, then just add the url to “Grab Screenshot from URL option” and the page will automatically be fitted to the frame. Just save the image. PlaceIt by Breezi has a beautiful collections of different android, iframe and and continuously they are adding new frames to improve their service.

This is a free service and you can add device frame to your screenshot at any time with it.

2. Quick and Easiest Way to Frame a Screenshot

frameapp screenshot frame add service

Appdemostore provides a beautiful frameapp. Just to add device frame upload a photo, select a mobile device frame from the list, set it’s resolution and size and you can download rounded corner png image from there.

The application is free to use and you must need a modern browser with html 5 support to use this tool.

3. Effortless Way to Add Gadget Frame around an Image

With mailchimp you can add frame to a taken screenshot. Just capture image from a android or iphone and send the image to smartphones@mailchimp.com. You will get back immediate reply from mailchimp. Here is a sample picture that I got using mailchimp service.

add iframe to a screenshot with mailchimp

The picture is copyrighted only to you and if smartphones@mailchimp.com does not recognize screenshot resolution then they will send a picture with default iphone 5 frame.

4. Brilliant Way to Add Device Frame to Screenshot

MockUPhone is a service to add device frames of android, iframe, Windows phone frame to any screenshot of a specified resolution. Just select “Pick It” button and select a device frame you want to add. Then upload the screenshot of the recommended resolution. Then add a email to get final picture in a landscape and in a portrait view. This is the main benefit of MockUPhone.

add frame to screenshot with mockuphone

5. Framing a Screenshot? – Official Way

Device art generator is the official android developer screenshot wrapper tool that allows you to wrap a application screenshot with real device frame to provide better visual experience. Link Here.

wrap app screenshot with frame

Just drag the screenshot from your device and drop it to right frame. It will generate new image instantly with wrapped device frame. Resize the image to recommended resolution before adding a frame to it. Otherwise you will get error message.

In this article I try to cover all the best screenshot frame wrapper service which allow you to add device frame to your app screenshot. Please suggest any better alternative if you find.

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