How to Open Any Site in Incognito Mode Automatically [Chrome Extension]

Although Google Chrome is good enough to do anything with the help of Chrome Web Store but could you really everything? My simple answer is NO since you are not an expert to manage your browser accordingly. So, you need help of others to find out something that you are looking for.

Anyway, that is a different story when it comes to browsing internet in incognito mode. Previously I covered you with several lines to describe incognito browsing. Here is a quick recap.

Incognito browsing is such a thing that would be executed via an incognito window. Means, you can simply open an incognito Window inside your browser and browse anonymously. You can browse internet without leaving any history. This means that you don’t have to click Ctrl + H and delete specific links what you have opened previously.

Even though you can do aforementioned things without facing any problem, but sometime it will be time-consuming. So, to get rid of this problem, here is a Chrome extension which is known as Incognito – Filter and could open any site in incognito windows automatically.

This is however very easy to make use of this Chrome extension. Just add it in your browser and open any site. Therefore, you have to click corresponding icon from extension-bar and select Add Website.

That’s all! After that, whenever you will click on that link, it will be opened in an incognito window. It comes with only one option i.e. you can just add website(s) to open that in your pre-defined mode.

Incognito – Filter

The most interesting thing of this extension is you can add particular link in that mentioned mode. Suppose, you have added this link in settings. So, whenever you will try to open, you will get normal window and incognito window will be opened only when you will click on that above mentioned link.

That’s all! Hope this extension will help you a lot.

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