What is New in Latest Google Drive for Android

Bug fixes and other improvements – the foulest changelog has been published by Google itself what might be perplexing for any regular person who has been using Google Drive only for few couple of days. But we are using this application for a long while on out Android and that’s why we could find out some changes what are new in this version.

You know that Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage by Google. You can compare with any other cloud storages and the winner will be Drive by Google. You can share any file with your contacts and manage them on the go. This is also conceivable to print files by making use of Google Cloud Print if your files are on Google Drive. It affords 15GB of free memory for any new user when you can increase that easily by spending few dollars.

Anyway that is a different story.

What is new in latest Google Drive for Android?

Although this is bit tough to recognize but we have ascertained some of them after using Google Drive for almost 2 days.

#Update 1:

Latest Google Drive for Android

This new version has the option to join or split cells in Spreadsheets under Google Docs. Means, you can easily undo your mistake what you have made in spreadsheets.

#Update 2:

Google has added three options in bottom bar. They are Upload, Create and Scan respectively. You can quickly upload anything by pressing the first button. The second option will create any document, spreadsheet or anything else. The last and final will help you to scan files via Camera.

#Update 3:

Latest Google Drive for Android

The Holo black theme is now Holo White. Google has changed this theme by saying that they want to give better user experience even in low-light surroundings.

#Update 4:

Latest Google Drive for Android

The last update what we have acknowledged is Pause button. Previously there was a stop button during upload but now you get Pause button. It is a great update by them since previously you might fell in trouble but now you can Pause your upload anytime.

That’s it! Even though we got these updates but if you are getting something more in this latest version, simply inform us via commet.

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