Secret tips to increase your Page Views

Generally, there are tons of ways to increase your page views. But today I am going to tell some secret tricks which will expressly promote your blog like a brand around your visitors. Blogging is too easy but at another end, blogging is very tough if you can’t understand the myth of blogging. For instance, do you know what kind of writings your readers look for from you or from your blog? I hope NO. If you really want to know, you can follow these tips.

  • Add a “Most Popular Posts” widget to your blog. You can find what kinds of writings you readers are reading from your blog. Understand the formation of those articles and write more like those.


  • Use Google Analytics. How? This is very simple. Sign in to your Analytics account >> Content >> Overview. It will show you which articles are most viewed by your visitors.


  • Write “How-To” articles. For example,How to add adsense code to your blog?”, “How to increase page views?and so on. This types of articles are most attractive among normal people.


  • Write “Lists” articles. What is “List” articles? The answer is very simple. Follow these examples. “Top 4 domain name suggestion tools”, “5 things to know before buying hostingand so on like these. All people love these types of writings.


  • Split your long paragraph into small paragraphs. This is very much recommended. If anyone find an article with 1000 words, I am sure that he/she will not reading this. But if you split that particular article in 2 or 3 small paragraphs or even in 2 or 3 pages, you reader will definitely read this. (2nd method is more recommended)



And the last and final one is “Interlinking & Related Posts”.

I hope these tips will help you very much to increase your page views. Happy Blogging.

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