How to Send Schedule Email from Android

You know that Gmail is the popular most email service provider, powered by Google. I think almost every people has tried this service at least for once. Previously we covered with so many articles on Gmail and other email clients when today I am going to tell you how you can send schedule email from Android phone using a third party application.
Suppose, your sister’s birthday is tomorrow and you want to wish her before anyone. But you won’t be able to send any message at a specific time in order to wish birthday. At this situation, you can simply schedule your pre-written birthday wish and send that at specific time. It will surely solve your problem. On other end, there is another facility on your hand and that is you are using Android. This platform has tons of apps on Google Play to do so. Boomerang is one of them to send schedule message.

Introducing Boomerang:

This is freemium Android app which is obtainable on Google Play Store. You can easily grab a copy of Boomerang.
Just install it and enter your log in details of corresponding email ID. If you have previously set any ID on your phone then you will just have to choose that. Otherwise, the first mentioned procedure is must.

You can get push notification for your email, send and receive email at scheduled time, track whether the email recipient has already read your email or not, add customized signature, infinite scrolling at inbox and so on.

send schedule email from Android
You can easily make use of this tool if you have Gmail or Google App Engine account. They are developing more advanced version of Boomerang which may support other email services.

How to send schedule email from Android using Boomerang?

This is however very easy since this app is not yet so difficult to handle. Just open it and write down everything i.e. recipient’s email ID, subject, text etc. and click the Send later button. Then choose a time from a screen which might be looking like the following one;

send schedule email from Android
That’s all! I am sure that Boomerang will surely help you a lot to send schedule email from Android device.

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