How to hide Start Button of Windows 8.1

You know that Windows 8 got major improvement (though according to me, Windows 8 hasn’t got any improvement) according to some developers and yes, it is true that it got changes in Internet Explorer for faster browsing, metro screen, Microsoft sing in and so on. But there were a lot of bugs and not so user friendly features on Windows 8.

To give a better user experience, Microsoft in going to launch Windows 8.1 which might be bug-free like Windows 7. Also, this Windows version has got some changes like better PC Settings, Option to skip metro screen, Start Button and so on.

When I first time saw the video preview of Windows 8.1, I got shocked after finding the Start Button once again. But after using the preview version of 8.1, again I got shocked since that is not a start button actually.

Thought Start Button is there but that is useless. You can’t do anything what it did on Windows 7 or XP. At this sense, Microsoft has cheated with us by giving a metro screen link instead of giving the actual start button functionality.

So, obviously there is a reason of not to use this button anymore because you can do similar thing by clicking on the bottom-left arena of that button. Means, you can still go to your metro screen without having this button, just like Windows 8.

So, how to hide Start Button of Windows 8.1?

Actually, this is pretty easy with a portable application which is known as StartIsGone. This tool has been developed by WinAero team, one of few popular software company.

Just download this software and run it on your machine. After double-clicking on it, you can’t find your Start button anymore. It comes with fewer options like you can set it on startup etc.

hide Start Button of Windows 8.1

That’s all! I am sure that it will help you a lot to hide Start Button of Windows 8.1.

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