Free Software to Customize This PC of Windows 8.1

You know that Windows 8.1 is going to launch in the upcoming month but till now we are using Windows 8.1 Release Preview version. This PC of Windows 8.1 is a brand-new feature which can’t be able to get on other versions of Windows. If you have sued Windows XP, you might got a similar feature.

Windows 8.1 will arrive with bit same feature and this is much useful as well as destructive. This is useful since you can get Documents, Picture or entire library from This PC when you may fall in trouble for this cluttered This PC.

Default This PC

I have 5 partitions where I have installed Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 RP. Anyway, if I enable those additional folders, I will have almost 10-11 folders and drives under This PC. Obviously, it is much cluttered.

So, to get rid of this problem, you can make use of This PC Tweaker which has been developed by WinAero.

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How to customize This PC using This PC Tweaker:

This is a freemium app which doesn’t require installation. Just download a copy of This PC Tweaker and extract it to open. After opening it on your PC, you will come across to the following screen;

customize This PC using This PC Tweaker

Just press the button that says Add New Item and start selecting.

customize This PC using This PC Tweaker

Then press the Add button.

You can add various things including Action Center, All Settings (GodMode), AutoPlay, Folder Options, Font Settings, Network Connections, Offline Files, Personalization, Programs and Features, Speech Recognition and so on.

You can also remove any existing icon from This PC. This is also possible to anything from sidebar navigation. Means you can add or remove anything including Favorites, HomeGroup, This PC, Network or anything else.

That’s all! Hope this little portable app would help you a lot.

Download:- This PC Tweaker

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