Apple Unveiled iOS 7.0.2 – Fixed Lock Screen Password Bypassing

It’s been a few time when Apple launched iOS 7 and in addition they have sold 9 million iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and activated more than 200 million iOS 7 devices. But all those iOS 7 devices were/are defected by a security issue which not only huge but also it could disclose your privacy at any public place.

Apple Unveiled iOS 7.0.2

iOS 7 was the latest version but anyone could bypass your very (very) strong password to check your gallery or even he/she can capture photo with your phone camera as well. Here is a video which shows how a hacker could hack your phone. (Don’t try to do so with anyone’s phone. You might fall in legal problem.)

To get rid of this problem, Apple launched a developed version of iOS 7, call iOS 7.0.2 where no one can bypass your lock screen, said by Apple. This update has been rolled only for fixing the security issue.

How to update your iOS 7 to iOS 7.0.2?

This is however very easy. Just go to your Settings arena of your iPad or iPhone and navigate to the General tab, followed by Software Update.

Now make this update to fix your issue. That’s all! Hope this tiny update would help you a lot.

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