How to Free Up Android Space using DiskUsage

There is no doubt that Android is the most advanced mobile OS. But not every Android phone is as smart as said. If you are comparing with old mobile phones with Android then each Android phone is smarter than them. But there are also some phone which comes with little internal memory like 500mb or 1GB etc.

Why do you need third party disk analyzer?

Usually, mobile phones come with 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb of internal disk space. This is much lower than a computer hard disk but it is enough to install your essential apps, games and run native apps.

But if you have installed at least 10 apps on your 16Gb mobile, you will get some slowness after using that for a long time because those applications store cache which requires a lot of space and they do so in your internal memory.

So, after a span of time, you will have only few mb to install app or store some media files. At such like this situation, you could make use of your “App” section to determine which app is taking more space than usual. But sometime, you won’t get proper result since some of them may be system process. So, at this moment, just try a third party tool and may be DiskUsage will be a great one.

Introducing DiskUsage:

This is a simple Android application which evaluates your internal memory as well as external memory (SD card) by just one click. I love to use apps which has minimalist options and this is perfect if you are like me.

Just download and install it on your phone. Open it to scrutinize. Then select which memory would you like to scan for catching dogg.

You will get a result like the following image;


The first image shows a compact memory usage. Tap on any block to get more details. Thus you will get more and more info about your disk usage.

You can also delete something. Just select one block and press the Show button. Then remove it. This is as simple as said.

That’s all! Hope this little app would help you a lot to free up Android space within moments.

Download:- DiskUsage (Google Play)

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