SolCalendar – Turn Calendar into a Thing of Beauty

You know that this is very grim to think of everything in our busy life. Sometime we overlook even the most imperative thing what should be done for a vital determination. At this moment, you can make use of different to-do list manager or calendar app like Wunderlist or other apps which are available for almost every platforms.

I have been using Wunderlist for a long time instead of other third party to-do list managers. But today I got something that lets you connect your Google Calendar with your Android app.

Introducing SolCalendar:

SolCalendar is an attractive and operational Android application which could orchestrate your Google calendar schedules as well as it could replace your existing calendar application.


On the other end, it also has a weather viewer where you can check current seven days weather. You know that sometime we do not get the right weather details but now you can get that with SolCalendar. I have checked the weather in almost five or six times and every time it delivered right information.


Anyway, it also has some intense-looking features i.e. you can add stickers, synchronize your instinctive calendar schedules, and share your schedules over SMS or other communication sources like Facebook etc.


It comes with fewer options but each of them is much accommodating when it comes to ease of access. Nevertheless it could be handled by any Android device since it is being supported by Android 2.3.3 and later version. On the other end, it take minimum space in your internal memory to store files. So, you can use it deprived of having any problem.

Developers of SolCalendar have embedded some national holidays like Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday etc. So, you will get notified by this app itself.

There are also some features what will appear on your phone after using this app. Just grab a copy of SolCalendar and start using.

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