Google Web Designer – A Tool for Creating Motion Graphics Ads and Interactive Web Design

Google just launched Google Web Designer Beta, a web design tool to create professional quality web design. Now with this brilliant tool web designers can create more effective mobile and desktop friendly html5 ads – said Google in an official announcement. This tool is available to download in a beta version (free) for Windows and Mac Os X users. However Linux and Chromebook version of Google Web Designer beta will yet to be launched.

Google Web designer tool lets you create advertisement in Adove Flash Style using HTML5/CSS3 without using any flash. The web page created and customized by Google Web Designer can be opened in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. HTML5 is widely popular web design language. The web page build with HTML5 can be run in a smartphone, in a tablet or in a PC or Macbook.

What Can You Create with Google Web Designer Beta Edition

This is a great tool for web developers. You can see the coding of any visual representation with this utility tool by Google. Here I try to sort out some features that Google Web Designer tool has.

  • Can create Google Ads Banner, Expandable and Interstitial type.
  • Can create and analysis blank HTML, CSS, Javascript and XML file.
  • You can create animated type HTML file and check them in a visual format.
  • You can create doubleclick and Ad Mob ads with Google Web Desiner.
  • All the tools and updates are free.
  • Quick animation mode to build to scenes.
  • 3D Authoring Tools let advertise creators to rotate any object to any axis.
  • Creating capabilities of  embed maps and YouTube videos.

This video can highlight Google Web Designer in a flash.

This is a Good tool and already get responses from web designers. However the greatness of this tool is a non-expert can use this tool after learning some tutorials. As I mention it is a beta tool and hope Google will definitely earn some revenue with this Google Web Designer tool.

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