How to Completely Uninstall Any Software from Mac Os X And Free Up Space

Common Mac users uninstall any installed third-party application from Mac OS by direct moving the application to Trash. Whenever you delete any application or move the application to trash you can hear a small sound that ensures that you have deleted that application. Now to delete the application completely just right-click on recycle bin and click ‘Empty Trash’.

For Windows users to uninstall an application you need to go to control panel >> Uninstall programs. However to completely uninstall any Windows application we generally use Revo Uninstaller or Your Uninstaller like software. This software can completely remove softwares from Windows along with associate files and registry keys.

Similarly by sending the application to ‘Trash’ we sometimes can’t completely uninstall any software from Mac Os X. The installed Applications most of the time leave traces and many associate folders. To completely delete those files we should delete application preferences and supported files.

  • Open the /library/ folder of your hard drive.
  • Look for any file having the same programme name. If find delete it.
  • Now navigate to /Library/preferences/ and /Library/Application Support/ folder.
  • Delete files manually if found any.
  • Then emplty the ‘Trash’ and that it.

Here is a video tutorial which can guide you smoothly for better understanding about how to completely uninstall any software from Mac Os X.

Above mentioned method of uninstalling any application from Mac Os x might look somewhere geeky. So to completely remove any application along with associate files you can use third-party apps like AppCleaner.

When you move any installed application to trash, AppTrap will also help you to find all the associate folders from Mac’s drive and this make your manual finding automatise.

Note: You can’t uninstall any system software by any means.

If you have any other question regarding this uninstallation, feel free and do let us know. We will surely help you as enough as possible.

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