Now Android Developers can Integrate Google Analytics in Google Play

You know that Google Play is the biggest app store in the internet which offers free and paid Android games, apps, ebook etc. If you are an Android user, I don’t have to illuminate how it helps us.

Moreover, if you are an Android app developer, you know that there is a Developer Console in Google Play from where you can submit your own developed apps or games after paying a few couple of dollars.

On the other end, Google Analytics is known by bloggers, webmasters, online marketers and everyone. It helps us to grab visitor details of our blog/ campaign. There was no way to integrate Google Analytics with Google Play when now it is absolutely possible.

What can you do with this integration?

  • You can track your visitor details of a wide range of campaigns. You can obviously check your entire visitor details like how many people came from a particular country etc.
  • By using Google Analytics, you can understand how your own developed app or game is being displayed on Google Play Search Result Page.
  • Although Google Play previously shows how many installations have been done till now but now you (as a developer) have to full control over this number. You can check number of installation using Google Analytics. You know that there are some people who install apps by sure. But after installing that they don’t launch the app until they get some good reviews from his/her friends. And if he/she gets any bad review about the app/game, he/she uninstalls that within moments without using for once. So, now you can track them who are doing the same.

How to integrate Google Analytics in Google Play?

This is however very easy for a developer. Even Google also describes how the entire procedure will be done. Just download Google Analytics SDK for Android. Check the developer documentation to learn how you can implement Google Analytics to your app. After doing do, just upload your app to Developer Console. You will also have to interlink Google Analytics and Google Play account.

That’s it! Google always try to do something new and advanced and this time they really done a great job. Hope it would be helpful for you.

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