DuckCapture – Great Free ScreenCapture Tool for Windows and Mac OS X

Whenever it comes to capture screen from of Windows PC or MAC, we always prefer Snagit or the default method (Cmd+Shift+3) which let us capture screen snap without having any issue. Snagit is available at free of cost for 30-days only for Windows operating system but it is unavailable for Mac or other OS. So, you should try other third party apps like Jing which is available for two most popular OS i.e. Windows, Mac OS X.

Just you might fall in trouble with Jing since it runs in background of your Mac. Even though Mac has a high system configuration which might not give you slowness but why someone would like to run a process that is no longer useful?

Just for this reason, I don’t like Jing for Mac and Windows.  While searching on the web for best screen capture tool for multi OS, I came across DuckCapture which is available for free for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Introducing DuckCapture:

I just love it since first look. It will be supported by almost each OS since it has minimum system requirements. You can install it on Windows XP, 7 etc. and Mac OS X 10.6 and later versions as well.

It is a straightforward app which comes with fewer options. Means you can just capture your screen by rectangle, polygon or Windows or anything else. You know that this is much difficult to capture a scrolling window in any OS. But now it becomes simpler with DuckCapture since you can do so.


This is also possible to capture entire screen using this app.


Restriction/disadvantage of DuckCapture:

You know that nothing is 100% perfect. Obviously, here are also some disadvantages of DuckCapture. You cannot make video with this application. There is also no option to change the default file format when .png is set by default.

That’s all! This is actually a very good app in terms of minimalism. Alternatively, you can make use of SnapNDrag too.

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