AppCleaner – Best Free Application Uninstaller for Mac OS X

You know that Mac OS X is very sensitive operating system. Although there are tons of apps on the web which are available Mac but choosing the best app is much difficult like Windows and Android.  Previously we mentioned several Windows and Android apps to uninstall installed software and regarding registry files and junk files but we never introduced any app for Mac users.

Today I will fulfil your demand by familiarising an app which is known as AppCleaner. It is free, easy to use and not yet so much time-consuming. A minimum effort will help you to uninstall any installed apps, widgets or anything else from your machine.

Why you need a third party uninstaller?

Obviously there are many reasons behind using a third party app in order to erase an installed software. The actual reason is same as Windows. No one can’t uninstall an app by just moving the package of any app to the “Trash”. After this migration, some files still live in “library” section of your Mac. This is just like the “Registry Editor” of Windows. So, to free up more space of your HDD, you ought to remove them immediately just after erasing the app.

Sometime, it takes only few moments to pick out corresponding files and remove them from your computer when sometime you can’t even understand which files are belong to the deleted app. So, to bypass any system crash through this deletion, you should use a third party uninstaller.

Introducing AppCleaner:

There might have tons of uninstaller those are obtainable for Mac but today I am going to introduce you only one of them. This is very easy to use and free of cost as well as.

How to remove apps using AppCleaner?

This is however very easy. Just open this app and press the “Application” button.

Then you will get a list which will contain all your apps. After that select one app that you want to uninstall and press the “Search” button.


At last, select the app and all it’s files and press the “Delete” button.


That’s all! This is as simple as said.

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