How to Get Old New Tab Page in Google Chrome

You know that Google Chrome is one of the best web browser for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and any other platforms. The browsing speed is really outstanding and this browser works great even with low data connection speed.

Everything is alright till now but the new style of New Tab Page might be irritating for you if you don’t want to reveal the pages what on which you have landed previously.

The latest version of Google Chrome has added this feature or style in their browser to help users to get recently visited or most visited page on the New Tab Page.

In one line, this is good enough for busy people who don’t want to type the URL of a page in every time. They can merely head on to the page icons and go to them by just clicking once.

But sometime, we don’t want to show others the pages on which we have moneyed just few minutes back. At such like a situation, you can simply deactivate this new feature and get old New Tab Page in your browser in order to protect your confidentiality.

How to get Old New Tab Page in Google Chrome?

This is however very easy and you don’t have to install any software or extension or app or anything else. Hence, it is not yet so much time-consuming as well.

Just type the following line in your URL bar and hit enter;


Press Ctrl + F and paste the following line in the search box;

Enable Instant Extended API Mac, Windows, Chrome OS

By default it is set to “Default”. Just select “Disabled” from the drop down menu and hit “Relaunch Now” button to relaunch Chrome browser.

Get Old New Tab Page in Google Chrome

That’s all! Now whenever you will open a new tab page, you will get installed Chrome apps – means old New Tab Page.

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