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Smart operating systems or platforms like Mac, iOS, Android has their own in-built email client which works fine with almost every email service providers i.e. Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo, Windows Live and so on. But most of us, don’t like those native clients at all since sometime they are pretty useless when sometime they are much time-consuming to set up.

So, after getting harassed a lot via them, we try to find such an app that will be helpful and not yet so time-spender to set that up. We previously mentioned some email clients for Android i.e. Boomerang, SolMail and so on but we didn’t cover any article with email client for Mac or iOS.

Today, I am going to fulfil your demand by introducing Sparrow, the best ever email client which has been acquired by Google itself. Previously Sparrow was a independent email app for Mac and iOS platforms but now it is owned by Google Inc.

Sparrow for power user:

I just fell in love with Sparrow after looking at this for the first time. It took only a few seconds to set up. Actually, it is a paid app which requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later versions and iOS 5.0 or later versions. You have to pay only $2.99 to get Sparrow for iOS and $9.99 to grab Sparrow for Mac OS X. [Download links given below]

How to set up Sparrow on Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

This is actually the easiest task ever. Just after opening this app, you will come across to the following screen where you have to enter your name, email ID and password in order to log in.


The Sparrow interface is looking like the following picture;


Yes, it is as simple as shown here.


This is however the most useless line that you can receive and sent emails from or to your friends or anyone else. Rather than this, it has also so many great options to manage labels or download attachments etc. It provides real-time notifications. means whenever mail arrives to your email ID, you will get notified by this app.

That’s it! Hope this brilliant email client would help you a lot to manage your emails.

Download Sparrow for iOS ($2.99)
Download Sparrow for Mac (Free/trial)
Download Sparrow for Mac ($9.99)

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