How to Lock Folder in Mac OS X using Exces – Another Free Folder Locker

Do you have a Mac which contains tons of useful files? Do you want to protect them from being revealed in front of any unwanted person? If so, you have few options to privet others from opening your files.

Now a days, everyone wants to lock down their PC, mobile or any gadgets at anytime due hundreds of unwanted people. You should use very strong password for any online accounts, Credit Cards etc. and even on phone and computer or laptop (mainly).

Even only one password is not yet enough for today’s hackers or crackers. Most of the tricky guys could break your computer password within moments. So, you ought to do something more in order to protect your privacy.

You can try Parental Control which works fine for me. On the other end, you can make use of different folder lockers as well to lock down you favourite and confidential files. Today, I am going to familiarise such a great, free folder locker for Mac OS X which can can easily be trustworthy for you.

Introducing Exces:

Exces will do anything for you in terms of locking down. You can create up to three vaults if you are using the free the version of Exces. Actually, Exces is a paid app worth Nineteen Euros and Fifty cents.

How to set up Exces?

This is pretty simple – just like other folder lockers. Open this app at first and you will get the following screen;

Lock Folder in Mac OS X

Here you have to enter the vault name, location and password. Make sure that you have entered a very strong password because the security level depends on your password strength.

Lock Folder in Mac OS X

As said before, you can add maximum three vaults in free version and there is no limit to create vaults in paid version. After creating a vault, just drag your files to there and that’s it, you have done. now you files are secured.

To unlock the vault, open the Exces again and enter password. Also if you have made more than one vault, you can choose one of them to be by clicking the option which says “Open”.

Lock Folder in Mac OS X

Note: You are requested to remember the password since there is no option to reset that.

Download Exces

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