How to Delete Different Trackers from Your Windows PC

Even though web is not a safe thing but we use internet daily to complete different things. In fact now you are using internet and that’s why you can read this thread on your device.

But who cares about data lose? We randomly use internet to get different cinema, songs etc. or even we play games, watch videos and so on. That’s is okey but do you know that you are being tracked by different software companies? I think this is beyond your imagination. Am I right?

Now you are thinking that how popular software companies could track you when you haven’t done anything with any software. Right? No, you though is absolutely wrong. Not every company but most of the software developers put trackers in their software so that they can come to know how many downloads have been done or how much people are using their app. It is true.

Sometime, they only use it for official purpose but you may fall in trouble because of hackers since they are such programmer who create attractive yet malicious app. Your PC may be crashed since we always try to use crack of different premium software instead of buying them. Hence, you are in danger zone. So, how to get rid of this issue? This is however very easy.

What you have to do is just pick out those trackers and delete them. But this is not yet as simple as said. You can’t even find them out from your computer.

How to delete different trackers?

When something is not being done manually, we obviously take the help of third party app. Today, I will again use a third party software which is known as “Wipe” and it is good enough to delete all trackers from your PS. It has also some other useful features including Screen Lock, Task Manager and so on.

Although this is a paid app but you can try the trial version of Wipe. Just download a free copy of Wipe and start using it on your PC.

It offers two kind of scans i.e. Standard scan and advanced scan. Obviously, “Standard Scan” will scan only basic trackers when “Advanced Scan” will help you to get control over different things like CryptneUrl cache, prefetch files, mru list and more others.

Just head on to the app and run a standard scan at first;


Then remove all scanned files in bulk. That’s all! You can also scan in advanced mode;


It is bit time-consuming.

Hope this app would help you a lot. Do share your opinion with us about this software.

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